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AKM Music Platform

Culture Street

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Opening: 10:00 Closing: 18:00
The exhibition is closed for visits on Mondays.

AKM Music Platform invites you to a journey through the rich history of Turkish music with two separate exhibitions.  The "World in Us, Us in the World" exhibition can be visited on the ground floor, while the "Turkish Instruments" exhibition and the "Respect to the Masters" corner can be visited on the upper floor.

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AKM Etkinlik - Bağlama

Mızraplı - Ditmeli Instruments

A stringed instrument identified with Turkish folk music, which can be traced back to the kopuz in Turkish music.

AKM Etkinlik - Hegit

Stringed Instruments

A deeper and longer looking string instrument, first made of an ellipse or egg-shaped gourd, and later by wood carving. We come across the root of the name ‘hegit’ in the Hungarian sources from the 16th century.

AKM Etkinlik - Nevbe (Rifâî Kudümü)
Nevbe (Rifâî Kudümü)

Percussion Instruments

The nevbe is a nakkare -a small kettledrum used in mehter (the Ottoman military band) music- with a single bowl and is also known as the ‘Rifâi kudümü’. Nevbe, which is usually called by its own name in Sufi music, also signifies a rite in which rhythm instruments like the halîle, the bendir, daire and the kudüm are played.

AKM Etkinlik - Santur

Open-Stringed Instruments

An open-stringed instrument popular across Asia and Europe, which is played by beating the strings with zahme. Its origins go back to ‘the çetingen (yatugan)’ instrument, commonly seen in Central Asia. The most advanced types are used in Hungarian or Romanian Gypsy music.

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Discover Other Venues

AKM Etkinlik - Türk Telekom Opera Hall
Türk Telekom Opera Hall

The main component of AKM's façade facing the Taksim Square is the Opera Hall, a huge globe covered with 15 thousands ceramic pieces.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Theatre Hall
AKM Theatre Hall

Situated at the entrance of AKM’s Culture Street, the Theatre Hall has a capacity of 781 and has been equipped with the latest technologies.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Gallery
AKM Gallery

With its façade overlooking the Taksim Square, AKM Gallery composes a venue that is perfectly suitable for exhibitions.

AKM Etkinlik - AKM Music Platform
AKM Music Platform

AKM Music Platform houses two exhibitions and the "Respect to the Masters" corner.

Restaurants and Cafês

AKM Etkinlik - Biz İstanbul
Biz İstanbul

İstanbul’da yaşamış, İstanbul’dan tat almış, İstanbul’a tat vermiş herkes için…

AKM Etkinlik - Vakko L'Atelier
Vakko L'Atelier

Vakko L'Atelier, where Vakko classiness comes together with savour and brings together Chocolate, Patisserie, Bistrot, Ice Cream and Delight flavors, begins its service in Atatürk Cultural Center, the symbol of Türkiye’s cultural and artistic life.

AKM Etkinlik - Divan Brasserie Foyer
Divan Brasserie Foyer

Divan Group, which develops its modern understanding inspired by the future, has a strong structure which includes hotels, bakeries, restaurants, cafeterias, shopping, and visiting spaces.